No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Startling Development


John at work is our resident Christian Republican. To give you an idea of his peculiar nature: for a long time, he and his fiance were living in her parents' house -- in separate rooms. I think probably the Amish are more liberal and hip to today's culture. Now that they're married, they've bought a condo together and no doubt have invited Jesus into their marital bed.
Anyway, this afternoon, he came to me with some work he had done for me on my current project. I took him to task for a few things that disagreed with how I saw the situation, and he nodded in his head sagely and babbled for a bit.
About fifteen seconds later, he went into the boss's office and apparently gave three weeks' notice. My boss has (he now tells us) long suspected that this guy was trying to line up a better job all along, so he just let him go.
I doubt it was something I said, but it gives you pause when someone up and quits like that.
And the bitch of it is that he was gonna do some telephone surveys for me. Now I'll have to do that crap. Bastard!

Oh, and Rick James died. It's not likely to happen, but when I die, I hope someone has cause to eulogize me with the words:

"Today the world mourns a musician and performer of the funkiest kind."

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