No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

The Ziegler Unit

Richard's weeklong 'immersive' LARP ran last week, culminating in monstrous horror on Saturday. I was involved as one of Richard's helpers, sending crazy emails and making garbled phone calls to the players to drive them round the bend. It must have been at least partially successful, as here's one of the instructions that Ian, one of the players, sent to Richard:

"I am calling Colleen, telling her to leave the apartment and go stay with her sister, so I can go home and access my e-mail (I'm not home now) without infecting her (assuming I haven't already.)  Ray called me and gave me the update after he found the box.  He and Morgan are sleeping in his car."

By the end of the game, it looks like they abandoned the theory that it was all an elaborate prank played on them by aaronjv. Good thing, too, because they were planning a 'beatdown' on Aaron.

I think maybe the funniest thing I did in one of the emails was to paraphrase some material I found about infectious diseases, interchanging the words 'scientists' and 'bacteria' wherever they appeared: "The claims were met with immediate skepticism by other bacteria."
Tags: larp/rpg

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