No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Road trip!

First, something I hafta get outta my system --

Ia! Eldritch flooring!

Second, something else I hafta get outta my system --

Boo-Ia! I sold enough information today that I'll get $367 in commission. You can keep your damn "information wants to be free" crap to yourself, hippie!

Okay, that's done. So, once again at last minute (but not great expense) Rebecca and I have come up with vacation plans. At the beginning of September, we'll fly up to Seattle and visit with her sister and mother who live up there. We'll spend a few days there and then... road trip!

We're gonna rent a car for a week and drive back, via Yellowstone, Mesa Verde and goddamit Meteor Crater, since Dad would never detour off the highway to go see it. With any luck, we'll also see a few "World's Largest Balls of Twine" (since there's more than one) and other educational sights.
Right now I'm reflecting on how great it is to NOT live in a place where its greatest claim to fame is a big ball of twine.
Tags: travel
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