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The wall adjacent to the alley got tagged recently, so Rebecca and I spent some time painting it over on Sunday. Possibly this is retribution for scaring away the little thug who was breaking car windows at the gas station the previous weekend.

How 'bout them Olympics? Sure, we all know that the US is gonna get a crapload of medals. That's great. I'm also very happy for the billion Chinese (who currently lead the "medal count"... as if this were some sort of sport of nations; now that the cold war is over, can't we get over that?). The Aussies and Russkies are also doing spiffily. But let's hear it for some of the other countries and their athletes:

Mongolia's Baatar Tsagaan, bronze medallist in Judo.
Colombia's Mabel Mosquera, bronze medallist in women's weightlifting. She lifted 197.5 kg (that's over 400 pounds for you Americans) in the 48-53 kg weight class. That's about 4 times her own weight... just like an ant, or something.
Zimbabwe's Kirsty Coventry, silver medallist in the 100m backstroke. Zimbabwe's second medal ever!
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