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Journal of No. 118

August 31st, 2004

itinerary and lucubrations @ 12:01 pm

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For those who want to follow along on the map as Rebecca and I (and Becca's mom) travel the Wild Wild West, here's the tentative and gruelling schedule:

Sep 3rd: Fly to Seattle
Sep 4th-6th: in Seattle
Sep 7th: Seattle to Missoula, MT (475 miles)
Sep 8th: Missoula to Yellowstone (Mammoth Hot Springs) (284 miles)
Sep 9th: Within Yellowstone (Old Faithful Inn)
Sep 10th: South through the Grand Tetons to Dinosaur, CO (How can you not stay in a town named Dinosaur?) (395 miles)
Sep 11th: Dinosaur to Mesa Verde (332 miles) [Cortez, CO]
Sep 12th: Cortez to As-Far-As-We-Can-Stand-To-Drive, AZ (400-ish miles)
Sep 13th: AFAWCSTD to LA (400-ish miles)

This won't leave much time for sight-seeing, but the trip is the thing!

Finally, since it has been announced by someone with more right than I to announce it, I give you Lucubrations Lovecraftian, with the occasional blither from me. It's an experiment, it's Lovecraftian... what could be better than a Lovecraftian experiment?
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Date:August 31st, 2004 01:04 pm (UTC)

au revoir!

Have fun, take lots of pictures!

Especially of Yellowstone, which I remember visiting ages ago with my dad, and constantly commenting that it looked like another world...which is strange if you think about it.

Journal of No. 118