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News round-up of crazy people

Unusual medical case (slightly disturbing pic)

Army soldier court-martialed for aiding Al Qaeda. The interesting thing (to me) is the last line: "Anderson ... was arrested in 1998 for approaching an elementary school toting a rifle and bayonet while on a break from Washington State University." Don't our Armed Forces do background checks before letting people in and teaching them how to kill people?

Counter-protest at the RNC.

While on the subject of Republicans, a new word combining the salient features of irony and hypocrisy is sorely needed for this news, slowly emerging into the national media:

Republican U.S. Representative Edward L. Schrock of Virginia abruptly resigned, citing unspecified allegations that have "called into question" his ability to serve. Schrock is a notable conservative, having cosponsored the 'Marriage Amendment', banning gay marriage.
As for the unspecified allegations, it seems that Schrock is gay, or has at least been soliciting gay sex on phone dating services.
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