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Journal of No. 118

September 27th, 2004

Piercer in the rear, Poker in the front @ 02:00 pm

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As we drove out to Van Nuys for Glenn's poker shindig, there was a loud metallic KerPLOCK! as we drove over the Sepulveda Pass. I didn't see anything in the road, but by the time I got down the hill to the 101 interchange, the left rear tire was (much like a modern pop idol) shimmying and making an unpleasant noise. We took the first exit and parked at a gas station. Rebecca got on the cel-phone to AAA, and literally in two minutes there was a truck there to change the tire. Whatever had been in the road had punched a nice tight hole through the tire. I should be able to get it patched, I hope. It leaked slowly enough that I didn't seem to do much damage to the tire by driving on it for a couple miles at freeway speed.
Anyway, we continued our way to Glenn's place, where there was a Hawaiian feast in progress. The whole atmosphere, with Glenn and his wife and his brother and her sisters and all their spouses and kids and his mother-in-law and his brother-in-law's mother and so on -- reminded me a lot of when I was a kid and my babysitter's family would have family gatherings when I was around. I guess Philipino families that lived for a long time in Hawaii before coming to the mainland are all pretty much alike. I enjoyed the food, but soon we were getting antsy to play some poker.
There were 15 players total at two tables with a $20 buy in. The game: No Limit Texas Hold 'Em.
Rebecca and I were at different tables. I started off pretty badly, with my chips steadily declining. Fortunately, the blinds were only at $15 and $25 this early in the game [For our $20 buy in, we were given $1000 of face value chips] so I still had some money after all my constant losing. I went all-in a couple times and won back a bit more. By this time, the blinds were $75 and $100 and a couple people had been knocked out.
Later, our table was down to four, and the other table still had everyone. That didn't last long. When they got down to four, we merged tables.
Shortly after that, I finally had a decent hand. Ace Jack. I paired my ace on the flop and three people at the table went all-in. I kept in with them. On the river, I paired the Jack. With the two pair, I cleaned out all three of them in one hand. We were down to five. Now the blinds were $100 and $200.
One by one the others dropped.
Pretty soon, it was just me and Herb and the blinds were $500 and $1000. I was betting $2000 or $3000 carelessly and getting Herb to fold, so I was winning the blinds, but finally he had a good hand and took me pretty bad.
After that, I was getting tired, so I went all-in with a king and eight of clubs. Herb called me and we showed our cards. He had the queen and five of clubs. I paired the eight on the flop, but he paired the queen on the river.
Second prize in the tournament was $90, so I did quite well for myself. Let's just hope it covers the cost of the patched tire.
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Date:September 27th, 2004 03:51 pm (UTC)
i have to admit Mike, that i thought with a title like Piercers in the rear that you were going to talk about D&D monsters and how the piercer should be allowed back in the 3.5 monster manual. perhaps with the $90 you won, we can wave some cash at Wizards of the Coast to see things our way?
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Date:September 27th, 2004 04:10 pm (UTC)


So when you see 'piercer', you immediately think of monsters? Not so weird, I guess. But what's weird is that you have some sort of fondness for the piercer. I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. I'm not sure I can mimic your enthusiasm for it. As for getting a mammoth company like WOTC to do anything... no matter how loud a shrieker you may be, that dream is probably nothing more than a hopeless chimera.
Date:September 27th, 2004 08:26 pm (UTC)

Okay, so I'm not as excellent a gambler as Mike...

but Mike's description of the flat tire TOTALLY does not convey the amazing awesomeness that is AAA (which I invest in every year, and which has been totally worth it):

The wheel makes a funny noise: granted

We pull off at a gas station: granted

We examine the damage: the tire is flat. Granted. Mike goes to ask where the nearest tire place is...it is on Sepulveda, we are on Van Nuys. Mike wants to drive on the flat all the way to Sepulveda. I say, no, call AAA. This is why I pay the premium.

So I talk him, reluctantly, into it. I call AAA. Sean is very nice, and promises that someone will be there in 30 minutes or so. I convey this to Mike, and I know that he is pissed off, because he could be driving to the Pep Boys on Sepulveda even now, with the tire going "Flop-Flop-Flop."

So I go into the Quik-E-Mart to buy a cool drink. I choose a blueberry green-tea low carb Arizona cooler, and by the time I'm paying the scary Hispanic guy with a sty in his eye, I see a AAA van pulling up. Out hops Felipe, the young, efficient, Hispanic mechanic, and within 10 minutes, we're on the road again. I swear to god, I felt like there was a AAA bat signal on the clouds or something, they showed up that fast.
Date:September 28th, 2004 12:34 am (UTC)
AAA rocks like AC/DC. I think there is a plan where they will wipe your ass, carve your turkey and raise your children for you. As long as it's not Felipe, I could get used to that.

And MAN do I want to play some Hold Em now. I should hurry up and schedule the next gaming night...



Journal of No. 118