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Enigma-- it's not just a job, it's an adventure

I made my annual appearance at Enigma by going to the kick-off meeting of the year. Pat provided science fiction gameshow madness, and it was cool as ever. Not that I know new people from old people that well, but there seemed to be a fair number of absolutely new people. I may even have dug one up.
Anyway, I mingled a bit, avoided Science Pictionary & stepped up to the plate for Password. As usual, I kicked some butt. The best one was:

Hint#1: Chains
thelastmehina's answer (perhaps predictably): Handcuffs

Hint#2: Sound
Me: Clank

1 4M T3H W1NN3R!
Paula gave a great clue, indicating that it was the chains' sound. And knowing that Pat had included plenty of video game references, and knowing (without ever having played it) that Ratchet & Clank was designed by an Enigman, the answer was obvious!

Then there was some 20K Pyramid: "Pukemon! Jigglycrap!" "Uh, Worst new Pokemon characters" Ding!

After the games, I chatted with a few folks. The most horrifying/interesting thing was when Lauraliz was showing around some 'evaluations' that her 4th graders had written of her at the alternative school where she teaches. 'Alternative school', in her case, means no curriculum and no discipline. I kid you not, these things said stuff like, "She blabs on and on for hours and I bet she sucks dick and sucks pussy and I don't know how she got to be a techer [sic] because shes [sic] so fucking stupid."

Wow. I'm reconsidering my position on post-natal abortion.
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