No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Christmas present

I think Rebecca and I have just found a joint present for ourselves.

The dilemma: to make aaronjv jealous now, or jealous later?

If I make him jealous now, there's a chance that he can get one for himself & Kirsten (who would be equally, if not more, jealous), since there are still a few left.

If I make him jealous later, he won't be able to get one, and I will have bolstered Aaron's strange idea that I'm cooler than he is.

I guess I'll let him pick his doom, and place the item behind the cut:

I think it's great that it has Pann's, which is not far from our house. Which also reminds me... they're doing some filming there. Yesterday, as I drove home they had a hose firing into the air making rain in the Pann's parking lot, and there were three or four cranes with lights on them and a giant hanging reflector.
Tags: art, bio

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