No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

One Halloween Party down, couple to go

Had a good time at Deb's B'day party/early Halloween. I came away with the prize for Best Male costume, though there wasn't that much competition. At least, not much competition that hadn't already won some other prize. Hey, but I'll take the prize and the title of 'Best Male'. No pictures yet, cuz some of you will get a chance to see it next weekend. I'm hopeful that it will be in an improved state, completed by the prop I'm waiting for in the mail.

Deb liked the book of naughty photographs that we got her as a present. Deb's Kevin was, as usual, the consummate host. He was a veritable kitchen dervish, whipping up hors d'oueouevres through the first half of the party. Then he downed several whiskeys in quick succession and was hors de combat for the second half. Talked to quite a few folks - learned that Chun & Roselle will be moving soon to a place much closer to us; that'll be cool.
Tags: party

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