No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Social Butterflies

Managed to hit all three Halloween parties we were invited to. Makes us feel like the popular people.
For those wondering, I was the Grim Reaper, and I managed to get a genuine scythe on Ebay - five feet of snath topped with a rusty, yet still pretty serviceable blade. I don't have any pictures of me with the scythe, but hopefully some will be forthcoming from other partiers. Rebecca was Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and went so far as to make her own codpiece.

First off was a party thrown by my coworker Stu and his roommates. Sadly for them, it was all Stu's friends (and his girlfriend's) who came. So they all hung together, and consequently we got to bond with his roomies, who also didn't know anyone there. One of them anyway, since the other didn't talk much. The one who did was considering going to the Rhine lab in North Carolina to learn to be a ghost hunter. He professed to be a skeptical sort, so we pointed him at CSICOP. There were some pretty excellent costumes there, including a couple who came as Jeannie and Major Nelson. Also a good Storm from X-men. Though props go to the guy wearing street clothes and a giant afro wig who claimed to be Paris Hilton.

Then on to Robert's. As we were pulling up, i think we spotted aaronjv and his wife on their way off to the next stage of their own Halloween party gauntlet. Saw plenty of the Enigma people there, including Jen, who I hadn't seen in quite some time. therrin looks very different without the facial hair. I'm glad I got the heads up on his costume, or I might not have recognized him either. We hung out and did the chit-chat thing for a while, and then descended on n0t2shabby & surprised some of the unsuspecting young'uns there, like oohbarracuda and mayxbo5. They marvelled at my five foot snath and Rebecca's package, while we admired May's undies and Elke's supple breasts. The perfect end to Halloween.
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