No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Kill your TV

CBS and NBC find a commercial too controversial to run. The message? That homosexuals are welcome at the United Church of Christ.

ABC deserves a thousand demerits for its craptacular 20/20 segment about Matthew Shepard's murder. Shocking new revelations that the crime was not about Shepard being gay, but about drugs and money. It certainly rings hollow, when you understand that one of the killers used 'gay panic' as his defence in court. Shepard's parents and their lawyer might have helped add balance to the show, if their comments hadn't been heavily edited or deleted from the segment.

Fox? Ha.

PBS? I feel sorry that public funds are drying up, but I still can't stand their "enhanced underwriter acknowledgements", which get more and more enhanced every three years, when they change their rules. If it quacks like a commercial...

More and more, the TV is used as a DVD display device in our household, and I don't regret it. Kill your TV; you have nothing to lose but 42 minutes of canned laughter per hour.
Tags: anger, news

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