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Journal of No. 118

December 19th, 2004

The first few days of Xmaholisolstizaa @ 07:33 am

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Friday night was Becca's office Christmas party. Well, not really her office, but her corporate overlords at Deluxe Media. They had it at the LA Equestrian Center, and they had a space for roughly 400 people, I'd guess. We were among the first 90 to arrive, so we got a special gift. It's a bit of carry-on luggage, with lots of weird pockets and flaps... and it bears a large printed GIGLI on one side, so that employees can help promote the worst film of 2003. One wonders what hideous Hollywood storehouse was filled with these promotional bags, and what infernal compact was struck that required that Deluxe receive and distribute them.
They had done a nice job with the party. Strolling Dickensian carollers, balloons, wandering hors d'ououeouevres plates and two drink tickets per head. Of course, the two bartenders were swamped within ten minutes. Rebecca proactively attempted to create inter-company amity by introducing herself to some random Deluxe employees, but there is only so much tentative social discourse one can stand. By this point, more than an hour after we arrived, there is a large crowd hovering near the empty chafing dishes and a larger crowd indicating the general location of the now invisible bar. No sign of imminent food. The situation seemed about to turn mutinous, and a descent into barbarism seemed certain. So we bailed out & flew down the freeway and got ourselves some great Thai food at Chan Darette... much more convivial than shouting at each other at the office party.

Saturday, we enjoyed fine drinks, fine food and fine company at a secret speakeasy known only to the smart and fashionable set. I drank like two fishes, but feel great this morning, as this early post demonstrates. Today, my further goals include watching football and catching a movie. Not too interesting perhaps, but one of my first chances to really relax and vegetate, without work hanging over my head. I've just about finished shitting out a 230+ page report at work, and the pressure is finally off for the moment.
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Date:December 20th, 2004 03:47 am (UTC)
This is doing my corporate overlords too much credit, by half. The fact that the 'prizes' included luggage with GIGLI prinited on the side should be some indication. I did try to meet people and socialize, but when 8:40 arrives, and you KNOW that, even should food be served THIS INSTANT, there is no way in hell 400 guests are going to get theirs in time to stop you from starving to death, well, it's time to roll down the road.

Today we saw 'The Incredibles' on the bigscreen and 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' on the small screen, and I also managed to squeeze in a small amount of yardwork and some laundry. Yayyyy! At one square yard per week, it should take 10 years to improve the entire yard ('improve' means cover it with gravel and landscape cloth so nothing grows).

Journal of No. 118