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Raining, Cats and Katamari Damashii

Los Angeles got 5.55 inches of rain yesterday. That's the highest single day total since 1956. The average rainfall for December is only 1.91 inches. We got 37% of our annual rainfall in one day.
As you might expect, this causes a large fraction of Angelenos to go around with their heads staring into the sky and their mouths open. The only reason they don't drown is that they're in their cars. But they certainly do cause accidents.
Naturally, the day of greatest rainfall in 50 years is also the day I get to go feed Spike. I fight Sepulveda for a way. Half of the rightmost lane is just a rain-swollen river. I drive in it briefly, and the excess drag on the right side pulls my car toward the curb.
I get on the 405 and merge onto the Marina Freeway. The long connector has a dip in it that's filled with water to a depth of well over two feet at the inside edge. Probably less than a foot in my lane, but it extends all the way across. Up ahead, some woman in a truck just balked. She wouldn't drive through it. She hits the brakes and skids, and then there's a logjam of cars behind her, since she's now smack in the middle of the two lane connector. Possibly, she's stalled out. Eventually, people (including) me, pass her on the left and right and go amphibious for a bit.
There are no other water hazards on the rest of the trip, just the usual driver hazards in the pelting rain and utter blackness.
For those of you who want to steal a few thing at aaronjv's place, you'll want to know that the key is hidden outside somewhere. Fortunately, that's not going to help you much. I knew exactly where it was supposed to be, and still couldn't find it. It was pitch black and pouring, and I'm scrabbling around in the mud looking for something by shape alone. I succeed eventually and get in. Spike's happy for some company, and as promised, he will lead you to the food bowl and the fridge and help you out as much as possible.
Seems Spike went on a bender over the weekend, because Donahue found and mostly cleaned up some barf on the hall rug. I tried to avoid treading on the barfy remnants, but I found evidence of Spike's further perfidy. He had knocked a makeup brush into the toilet. Bad Spike.
I collected a tasty cat-sitter reward and made it home without incident.

As for Katamari Damacy/Damashii, I twigged to it though a post by marlo, who deserves gratitude for bringing this silly game to my notice. It got stuck on the Xmaholisolstizaa wish list just in time for mom to get it for me. If you're not familiar with the game, you push a sticky ball around and things stick to it. That's it. You start tiny, but as you pick up more things, your ball grows so that it can pick up bigger things, and bigger things, and bigger things. Like ants and coins and VHS tapes and penguins and dogs and stopsigns and people and bicycles and cows and... everything.
It's absurd and wonderful.

PS Everyone should click the Katamari link above, even if you know what it is.
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