No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
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Auld Acquaintance

We spent New Year's at Jason's. We go back years with Jason. Also there were Jason's brother, who has settled down to study human consciousness or something in the Bay Area after having spent some time teaching English in China and Japan. His girlfriend Kaiyoko(?) was charming, even as Alex slightly embarrassed her by discussing the Japanese words for masturbation. Evidently, when a man masturbates it is senzuri (a hundred rubs), whereas when a woman masturbates, it is manzuri (ten thousand rubs). Therein lies most of mankind's problems. Well, womankind's.
In addition, there were a few of Jason and Alex's old friends, including the original subject of the 'Shouldn't that be in his stomach?' story. Making the Lovecraftian circle complete, his girlfriend worked on Stuart Gordon's King of the Ants. I guess I assumed that she was an actress, but imdb suggests that perhaps she did make-up/hair.
Anyway, Jason worked fiendishly in the kitched to present a long string of tasty hors d'ouevres to us. We mostly fended for ourselves as far as the drinks were concerned. Brause Pulver was good for a few laughs, but I think it is helped by the addition of some water to get its fizziness started before adding the vodka and imbibing. Waldmeister does not (as far as I know) actually taste like Aragorn. Instead, it appears that Waldmeister is sweet woodruff (or, indeed, "Master of the Forest"). Given its anticoagulant powers and lingering aroma, no doubt Aragorn could derive a cure for the King's Botch with it.
Our 'countdown' consisted of me refreshing NIST's atomic clock page until the moment had arrived. 2005 having arrived, we spent a little while longer and then dodged drunker drivers on the road home.
The rest of the weekend was splent pleasantly with Rebecca, the cat, football, a few hundred pages of Strange & Norrell, Playstation and another three inches of rain.
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