No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

One thing leads to another

manda_x reported news of the beneficial effects of olive oil in preventing breast cancer, which made me think of the inevitable Olive Oil Diet to follow. I figured the perfect spokeswoman for the diet would be Olive Oyl, which is when I randomly discovered Pastor Steve's disturbing fixation on Olive Oyl. I promise, I was not looking for Olive Oyl fanfic or a slavish collection of THE 25 CARTOONS FEATURING THE BEST "PHYSICALLY BEAUTIFUL OLIVE" MOMENTS/SCENES with commentary and plenty of screencaps: "I had to include this sequence, as it is one of the sexiest of all the sexy/romantic Famous Studios scenes".

Since I can't make my discovery un-happen, my only alternative is to share it with the rest of humanity, thus diluting my pain.
Tags: funny, internet, religion

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