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what's in a name?

Going back a minute... imagine being introduced: "I'd like you to meet a close friend of mine... Dr. Taco Monster." How would you respond? I'm afraid that beer would shoot out of my nose, even if I hadn't drunk any beer.

But to go on with names: one should perhaps choose one's URLs with more care: Penisland!

And how about those crazy biologists and their wacky binomial classification system? Tons of laughs to be found there.

Some were clearly created due to exhaustion, or a lack of ingenuity: Cyclocephala nodanotherwon
Some attempt to provide useful information, like the genus Ittibittium, which contains molluscs smaller than those of the genus Bittium.
Other are just good clean pun: Apopyllus now, Phthiria relativitae, Pieza rhea, Reissa roni...
Allusions from the classical (Vini vidivici) to the modern (Polemistus chewbacca) to the ridiculous (Fiordichthys slartibartfasti)
Tags: funny, science, wordplay

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