No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Jury duty day 1

Got to the downtown criminal courts building and into the giant holding pen. As usual, it was an interesting mix of people: the priest, the skater-dude, the hippy-dippy granola-eater... I think the most unusual one was the girl who was basically Crumb's dream-girl - she was even wearing a rather 70's style blouse/skirt/boots that made her look like she'd stepped off the front of Zap comics.
The other stand-out was the TV exec on his cell-phone. I don't recall his precise words, but basically he was saying something like, "Y'know that new show? We need to advertise it. - Yeah, I know we got that, but we need something better than that. - We need an ad that will make everyone think our new show is the next big thing. - How do you suppose we do that? - Well, you work on that." No doubt he feels like he's done his job, now that he told someone to make an ad that will turn their show into a hit.

Anyway, I got hauled into a case involving murder/attempted murder and conspiracy, but since the trial was expected to be long, the judge let me off the hook, which just meant I was immediately tossed into another courtroom. I get to go back today, as they're still picking a jury. I haven't been examined yet. The court is on the high security floor, so I get to go through the metal detectors twice.

Had a nice walk at lunchtime, which gave me more ideas for a potential road-rally (A&K's rally was both fun and inspiring).
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