No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Short Day - Ergo Rain, Optometry and Poe-Tay-Toes

The judge called it quits early today, so naturally there was shit-pouring rain, ensuring that I couldn't actually enjoy my tme downtown. I did head back to the library and undertake research into forbidden lore on the behalf of the shadowy danharms. It required all of my formidable Library Use skill to surmount the inadequate reference, the diabolical library website, the Borgesian labyrinth of the library and last, but not least, the photocopy machine that not only cost 15 cents a copy, but didn't take coins or give change. Fortunately, with a Fast Talk roll on a reference librarian, I secured the blasphemous text and surreptitiously made a complete photostatic copy, demonstrating my superiority to Wilbur Whately. But should this material be turned over to Mr. Harms? And I quote: "The enigmatic inscription on a Quincy [Mass.] tombstone reveals the influence of an underground megalithic and Renaissance wisdom tradition behind the first English settlements in the New World and the founding of the American Republic." Who knows what long-sleeping Dragons might be awakened if this material were to get into the wrong hands?

From the library, I went to LensCrafters and got my peepers examined and put down some megabucks on two new pairs of glasses.

From there, back home, which took forever in the feeble rain and horrendous traffic. Once home, I enjoyed a belated St. Paddy's day meal of french fries and Guiness.
Tags: jury, lovecraft

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