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Bonus MOCA review

MOCA offers free entry to jurors, so I went to see Visual Music. I don't care much for modern art, so a great deal of it was abject wankery. And very little of the static art suggested musical forms to me. But there were a few things that I liked. There was an intriguing B&W sketch by Dadaist Viking Eggeling that looked like a pair of giant abstract cruiseships - I liked the design and I could sort of see how it was a strange attempt at visual music. Apparently, it served as part of the basis for his film Horizontal-Vertical Orchestra, which is lost.

Valensi's "symphonie verte" was also a lovely Deco-y thing. Dammit, I can't find any links to the cool art, when all the Kandinsky's and Kupka's were Krap.

Moving away from static art, the coolest thing of all was the Piano Optophonique invented by Baranoff-Rossine in 1922-23. It's an electromechanical player piano/magic lantern show. It is clearly the work of an insane genius. Magical in an insane steampunk sort of way.

Moving on, there are many experimental art films. Many are wankery, but some of them are pretty cool. The best of them could easily be inserted into either the 'trip' in 2001 or "the Music of Erich Zann" and improve them.

I think it is mandatory to organize a flashmob to assemble on free-Thursday at MOCA in this 'artwork'. At the stroke of noon, we all bust our best moves.

This thing is shallow, but physically imposing and impressive.

The permanent gallery is crap, though it does include taxidermed poultry.

Oh, the fountain in Pershing Square is still green from St. Paddy's Day.
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