No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Video Madness!

Awesome new video game!

If you haven't yet seen the octopus walking on two feet, here's your chance.

In real life news, I hit Melrose and Amoeba yesterday, since I had Crucifixion Day off. I found a black leather trenchcoat at SLOW. I still want one that hangs down to my heels, because the common trench length invariably makes me think of Columbo. Anyway, this one fits, looks snappy, is in reasonably good shape and lacks only the belt. Becca says it gives me a Nazi air, which is all to the good. Now I must ask the gods of weather to give me temperatures in LA that would require me to wear it.
I'd never been to Amoeba before. I knew it was ginormous, but still... Damn, it's a freaking barn packed to the rafters with merch. I knew I only had time for the most superficial of examinations, so I wound up with a pretty random assortment of things that leaped out of me - hard to explain to myself afterwards how I wound up with Massive Attack, X and Yma Sumac.
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