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No. 118

Inverted chronological order

As I wandered about at lunch, I saw a big RV-type thing with pro-war, anti-gay, pro-Christianity messages painted all over it. And I mean all over it. It looked like a spring break Winnebago from Bob Jones University or something. It cruised slowly down Sepulveda. I was tempted to flip it off, but the driver probably thrives on attention. He should be ignored intensely by manking until a little ignora-bubble forms around him taking him out of our universe entirely.

Sunday morning was Brunch at Casablanca with aaronjv's new restaurant club-type thing. Becca and I were among the first to arrive, which means that we spent plenty of time in Casablanca waiting, waiting, waiting...
The fresh tortillas and salsa was great, but the food was only okay I thought. However, the best part was the bottomless mimosa! The waiters came by frequently and kept us well mimosydrated.
Conversation was great, though the table was a bit large to sample the whole population -- it was mostly two great conversations, joined at the Ray-Cynthia waist.

Saturday was Jason's Birthday celebration. His mom's birthday is the day before his, so they usually combine festivities at the parental pad in Dana Point. As usual, conversation ranged wildly from birds and wildflowers to gender-based brain differences to string theory to Cartesian Dualism. Plenty of tasty food to go with conversation.
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