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Babelfish Lyrics

Inspired by marlo. Send song lyrics from English-German-French-English. Force your friends and enemies to identify them. You're supposed to give three hints, but I'm sadistic and at least two are pathetically easy.

1. Too easy to be a puzzle, but interesting in its fidelity:
I have you under my skin. I deeply have you in the heart of me. So deeply in my heart which you are true a part of me. I have you under my skin. Me thus try not to give inside not. I said to me: this business never goes so well. But why I should try to resist, if, baby, me the wells to know which I have you under my skin? I would become all come sacrifices what havin ' you ' could more ' narrowly in spite of a warnin ' the voice which comes in the night and the repetitions, repetitions in my ear: Do you know yourselves, the small imbecile, cannot you never gain? If you use your mentality, you awake with reality. But each time to which I precisely make the thought of you, form that me, opinion, before I ' do not begin a cause me, you have under my skin.

2. Mid 1960's:
I am of Hallo blackening, my friend old come, you it speaks again because sight gently on the left ramment its seeds, while I slept and the sight which was established in my brain nor, remains in Neath in the clay of the rest to the dreams rastlosen went myself however narrow roads of the stone of head ' the halation of a road the lamp which me my ring of position to the cold and which turns wet, as my eyes by the lightning of a neon erstochen light became which split the night and the clay of the rest he has affected and in the luminous light I perhaps more people who parlentsans capacity of hearing of anybody speaking without letters about anybody hearing song if it does not disturb if it said I, "you if it knows that rest, as a cancer rises, you which I teach you stupid heads, could, my arms take that I" could however reach you my words, "hear my words" as calm drops of rain in the well of the rest fell and widerhallten and the people folded and from the god neon requested them, formed and the sign ignited of its warning in the words, formed and who "is known as with the words of the Prophet, becomes on the walls of underground and the halls of housing written and murmured in the clay of the rest.

3. A funny fragment, pretty obvious:
I met it Monday, twas my day of happy rolls which you know that what I I mean, loves you it each working day, each one velvety day of cheek know you, which I mean my rifles of love charged and they are in my sight, the great play in their trousers of sock wait there, yeah large lower part, large lower part

4. Mostly gibberish in the original, too, but the title's more or less in there:
fell into a sea from grass and disappeared under the sheet schattigen... Children who made run all the transformation crying over me! They are that! it starts it, like their says it sandals to abandoned opinion! _ I be a girl... of which the nail pearl be form mother... helicopter of flower of butter yellow buttercat orange which drive out after the bee insane which be more some furious somebody... me and my friend it be not no shoe which carry which, be its nose daylight du jour of pepper paint... it me like, me mean that it be serious, sing as be serious can... it a song and I listen, ce which it say: if you wish a provisioning of friend who each animal... it so much sector had there, I a piece with the slightly fine wine am cut to me, it... took and rolled the summers to him to peace to my understanding in the time of summer.... OH -... OH -.... the time of summer rolls
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