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In another community, I got in a discussion about religious persecution in America, and eventually dug up some interesting facts about hate crimes. The hate crime data comes from the 2003 report on Hate Crime statistics. [Warning, the PDF linked on that page is 14MB.]
The following tabulated data shows the relative risks of different groups for hate crimes. Victim data comes from the PDF. Population data comes from the 2000 Census, the 2002 General Social Survey and a couple other places.

I realize that hate crimes are not identical with persecution, but I think the following general results demonstrate who can and can't legitimately complain of persecution in America. Obviously, all hate crimes are detestable, but the different rates show where the most serious problems are. I offer these data as a starting point for a conversation about persecution, what it means to you, and how you may perceive it in your own life.

Group % of Population Number (millions) Victims Victims per million
USA 100.0% 293.0 9100 31.06
Jewish 1.7% 5.0 1025 205.78
Traffic deaths 100.0% 293.0 42,643 145.54
Islamic 0.5% 1.5 171 116.72
Black 12.3% 36.0 3150 87.41
Homosexual/Bisexual 10.0% 29.3 1464 49.97
Hispanic 12.5% 36.6 595 16.25
Atheism/Agnostic* 0.9% 2.6 13 4.93
White 75.1% 220.0 1006 4.57
Elected to House 100.0% 293.0 435 1.48
Catholic 24.3% 71.2 80 1.12
Protestant 52.8% 154.7 54 0.35
Atheism/Agnostic* 13.7% 40.1 13 0.32
Death by Lightning 100.0% 293.0 73 0.25
Heterosexual 90.0% 263.7 15 0.06

Lots of people (including me) think that the oft-quoted 10% is an overestimate of the homosexual population. People will argue all day about it. Just note that if the percent is smaller, then the rate of hate crimes goes up.
*The hate crimes category for atheism is Atheism/Agnostic/etc. In the General Social Survey, the percentage for religion "None" is 13.7%, but this is a little vague. Numbers for atheism and agnosticism from a different survey are .4% and .5% respectively. So I've put two rows for atheism/agnosticism.
Obviously, you can only be elected to the House of Representatives every other year. The lightning strike deaths are an average reported by the Weather Service.
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