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Go Speed Racer!

Did some minor jetting around town dropping off flyers for Enigmacon. As expected, little indy places were cool about it; corporate places were more uptight, with the winner for unfriendliness going to Hot Topic Incorporated, source for all your babygoth needs at malls nationwide. They have a three ring binder with plastic sleeves in it for sticking flyers in that's hidden somewhere behind the counter. Fat lot of good that's going to do. I was pleasantly surprised by Electronics Boutique. I went to three different ones and they were all pretty cool about it.
On the way back home, I hit TJ's for some of my glacially paced wedding planning; I picked up a case of Red Flyer. Yes, it is 90% gimmick, but I cracked open a bottle last week and was really surprised by it. I'm a sucker for things with Mourvedre in the mix, but this is another good example of a $6 TJ wine that tastes like $10, maybe even $12. (Woo!)
Then for the main event, aaronjv's B-day part at Go Kart World. Another great and unexpected entertainment idea, courtesy of Aaron. I had a great time. The Super Track there is the bee's knees. I think my best race, though, was the first one. Part of it was that I had a decent car; part of it was that there were plenty of kids on the track who were pathetic little amateurs. Easy to pass, and they cried when you trashtalked them. In the later races, there were fewer kids and more adults who knew their way around the track. I love that last turn, because you could get the rear end to slide a good long way before the tires catch and send you down the straightaway, perfectly aligned. Plenty of fun with physics out there on the tracks.
On the giant-sized go-kart track called the 405, someone decided to merge into my lane while I was still using it. He corrected pretty swiftly, but I certainly didn't want to depend on him noticing me, so I was halfway in the emergency lane, feeling the adrenaline kick in.
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