No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

I caught bestepisodeever's first gig. I logged still more miles to get out there. It's a bitch to have to visit both OC and Ventura Counties in the same day. I think they moved Ventura further away when I wasn't paying attention. It took forever to get there, and I swear I smelt cows on the way. Once inside of the American Legion, the sight of the local inhabitants more or less confirmed my suspicions of cow. May and her groupies integrated the joint: May's Hispanic roots, n0t2shabby's AZN heritage, Levi and I representing the Hood, while Dan and Cyrus were the token white-boys.
May played a great set, and there was plenty of interest on the faces of everyone in the room. May expresses herself in song. That's a short, declarative statement, but it means a lot in an age where most artists not only have nothing to say, but they say it over and over again in two-bar phrases. This first gig was a beginning, not a finish line. Keep going, May.
"Paul Starling" had some interesting stuff & played guitar lefty, but I was distracted by the fact that he was not content to merely pop his p's in the mike -- he had to pop every other available consonant, down to m and th. He did a cover of "Don't Let me Down" that really excited the subnormal-looking Legionaire at the table - rapping his fists on the table, eyes-shut head-banging.
Next up, two-thirds of Automatic Hotel, doing their first acoustic set. There were hints of good stuff in there, and I always appreciate a bass player who actually plays bass like it's an instrument, but... by the end of their longish set, my will to live had been sucked away.
Said my goodbyes and returned to civilization.
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