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Hosted a cocktail party on Saturday, which meant a ridiculous amount of cleaning and preparing. Rebecca went nuts on the food - how nuts do you have to be to make hummus. You can buy a big gloopy tub of it for less than $2 at TJ's, but instead we spent at least twice that in order to enjoy the fun of trying to blenderize tahini and garbanzo beans. I must admit the result was fabulous, though. Not content with that, she made a potted shrimp spread that was a big hit among the sea-bug eaters, and a few other things. But once the preparation was over, the fun rolled in.
I had made a pitcher of mojitos, and did my level best to keep up with individual orders. The cocktail shakers got a work out. Jason brought some exquilent dark chocolate gelato and Kahlua for making some drink whose name I forget, but should be called a "Choclovodkahlua milkshake".
Pretty soon there were 20+ people bouncing off the walls, gabbling happily.
The star attraction was clearly Aaron, who quickly became drunk and abusive, in an affectionate sort of way. He displayed his happiness and gratitude to me by rubbing my nipples. Rather than return the favor, I just put another drink in his hand.
Cheryl showed - first I'd seen her in a long time. She and the semi-mythical Zach celebrated their 10 year anniversary, and she had just returned from a trip to Cancun with him.
Considering how well he treated us at the Magic Castle, I'm glad Varoujan came - he vaguely knew most of the people there, and he seemed to throw himself into conversations without any difficulty.
A few people hadn't yet been to our new place, so I got to show them around, and everyone marveled at the couch of couches, as well they should.
Anyway, around 3AM, I walk Deb to her car and come back to crash immediately... because at 10AM, I have to go to the airport.
So I get 5 hours of pretty bad sleep, clean myself up, pack and Rebecca, PJ-clad, drives me to the airport. Thousands of SARS-infected people mill around me as I make my way to the gate. Eventually my boss shows up, we get on the plane and head for Milwaukeee, by way of Minneapolis.
Northwest Airlines provides little twisty pretzels with their drinks. They are good and salty, but they are slightly disturbing. I eat some and my brain starts whispering 'nasty microwave popcorn'. I look at the label, and sure enough, one of the major ingredients is "artificial butter flavor". MMmm... fake buttery pretzels.... Anyway, by the time this trip is over, I've eaten five bags of crappy little pretzels. I never want to see them again, but they were necessary because on the flight back, they didn't give us a meal, the cheap bastards.
Anyway, we get to Milwaukee, get a rental car, and attempt to find our hotel. My boss has given me directions, and we follow them, but there doesn't seem to be any hotel there. Then I look at the mapquest page in more detail, and see that the destination was just the city of Waukesha, with no address. Grrr... So I hunt and find the hotel reservation and it gives us some directions on how to actually get to the hotel.
Get in, have a late meal in the bar, enhanced by a couple pints of Leinenkugel Red. Good stuff. We strategize a bit over drinks and hit the hay.
In the morning, we strategize some more and then drive out to give our presentation at our client's HQ. I gave the bulk of the presentation - talked for about 2 hours. The presentation went really smoothly, and we handled all their questions adequately. There might even be a bit more work for us in the future, assuming they were really satisfied, and not just trying to get rid of us. Got a quick tour of their showroom and then back to the car and back to the airport, and back to the little twisty pretzels.
Get back to LA at 11:20pm, back to the apartment at 12:08AM.
Total elapsed time of trip: 38 hours
Total elapsed time actually working: <4 hours

Ok, you've been very patient for reading all this, here is your reward.
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