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Solid Day

Saturday morning, I was out the door at 8AM headed for UCLA and EnigmaCon. I toted TV's, welcomed guests, ran with quarters to a parking meter, escorted guests to the green room, monitored the craziness at Con HQ over three channels of walkie-talkie chatter ("We need forks in the ballroom"), watched over a panel, watched over Harlan Ellison's autograph line (and joined it for getting some of my own books signed), waited endlessly for auction results....

The strangest moment was walking Phil Leirness (director of Spectres) to the Green Room, and he turns to me and says, "I know you. You're Mike Tice". I stare at him like a dumbass. This is a talent of people in the film industry... they know everyone and forget no one. "Back when I was at school here, I played in some live games..." Finally, tiny pieces of memory nibble at my brain. He was a G-Man in 23 Skidoo -- 13 years ago.
Got to listen to George Clayton Johnson's elliptical stories of the early days of Twilight Zone. He's as eccentric and entertaining as ever.
I watched over the autograph line when Harlan Ellison was there (mainly so I could get some books of my own signed) and it was embarrassing how few people there were. As I recounted to ladyeuthanasia, he bore it with as much good grace as anyone could imagine Harlan to muster.
I rue that I did not win the iPod in the auction, but getting a signed copy of Masks of Nyarlathotep (mint in plastic, no less) has helped salve my bruised acquisitiveness.
On the whole, the convention was almost certainly more successful than any previous Enigmacon, but far less successful than a certain optimistic element of the planning committee expected. I know many people worked their asses off for months ahead of time, and I only worked my ass off for nine hours. I've no complaints and would rather focus on the successes of Enigmacon 05. Many thanks to thefayth, aaronjv, Scott, Kirsten and all the others who played a part in the whole shebang.
That said, I cut out early (so those who stayed behind to clean up afterwards deserve my gratitude) in order to pick up Rebecca at LAX. As I said, I had to wait longer than I liked for the auction results to appear, so I was already late setting off. Then, I discovered that the 405 had been fucked in the ass in some sort of vehicular gang bang. The first 'accident' was an eloquent remnant of a gripping short-story. All there was was an abandoned boat trailer (with boat) on the shoulder with one tire blown-out.
Then there were about five slightly scrunched cars parked with 3 or 4 CHiPs at the 10-405 interchange. Once past that, there were two more cars parked in the fast lane with matching fender shapes. At last, some semblance of freedom reigns, and I get to LAX maybe fifteen minutes after the scheduled landing of Becca's Malaysian Air flight. No doubt, she will spend some time in customs, etc. Then I get in the terminal and start interpreting the big board o' flight information. It takes me a while to find what I'm looking for, because it's the first one on the board, showing that her flight had come in 52 minutes early. I head back out to the street and find my pookie-face. Music swells and the camera circles us.
I drive her home, she has a quick shower, and then we head out for Richard's 40th Birthday party. I have a pretty good time talking to the various folk who were there, but since most of Rebecca's internal organs are living in different time zones scattered from Los Angeles to Bangalore, we make an early goodbye after cake and presents.
Unfortunately, Rebecca seems to have picked up some nasty bug on board the flight, so most of her Sunday was spent lying on a couch moaning softly. I wasn't gonna put up with any more of that nonsense, so I applied the whip this morning, and got her out mowing the lawn. But at least I made her a nice mojito with our mint, which is now growing rampant in the backyard.
And now, to compose a limerick, as someone has (out of the blue) ordered a special edition of the Eldritch Quintuplets. With a regular edition sold to danharms that makes two in one week, something that hasn't happened for quite some time.
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