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My ebay auctions are about a day old. Half the lots have bids and the total value is up to $132.75. It's a big relief that it's gotten off to a good start. When I do one of my usual mini-garage sales on ebay, most of my junk sits around with no bids for the first 4 or 5 days.
It's interesting to see the difference between bidders and 'watchers'. One auction has no bids, but 7 people are watching it. It's a nice coin, and I expect it to go for a fair amount, but right now it looks like it would sit around getting dusty on a shelf at the 99 cent store. With any luck, the seven watchers will all try to snipe it in the last 5 minutes in a ruthless bidding frenzy. Of course, I generally use 'watching' just to keep track of things I already own to see what they fetch.
Vicy versy, some of the auctions with multiple bids have no watchers.

Anyway, lunch with my high school chum Bill was pretty neat. Did a breakneck catch-up job on our lives over some tasty food at El Cholo. He still sees a few other schoolmates for the occasional poker game, but this was my first contact with a high school friend in 10 years or so. He asked me about my dormfriends from UCLA.... Well, with the obvious exception of Rebecca, I don't keep in touch with any of them, either. So the moral of this story is, if you've known me for more than a year or two, and I still give a shit about you, consider yourself lucky.

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