No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Vegetable and Wedding update

Just one of the many body-snatching pods growing on the vines in the backyard. You can see the white trellis that is now dwarfed by the month-old tomato plant. Here's a couple more cozy fruits:

Quite some time ago, Becca modified the housewarming gift we received from rsheslin & swheslin. It's become sort of Egyptoid:

This week's artistic project for Beccabug was to make some art for the Shag game. It's looking good.

Some wedding stuff has finally pulled together. We're getting the invitations from a print shop in India. We've had some difficulties getting certain things across the language barrier and the cultural barrier. It appears that no Indian wedding announcement would be complete without a little image of one bird pecking another bird's head, and various other decorative flourishes. They appear to be horrified by our stated idea of lots of text and zero homicidal birds. After six iterations of mock-ups, we appear to have finally convinced them that that's really what we want. Before they change their mind, we've told them to print 'em up.

We also spent a couple hours online shopping for wedding rings, and we're happy with what we came up with. is maybe even better than Harrod's. And we've now got a couple cases of champagne (though none as distinguished as ladyeuthanasia's recent discovery). Our calculations show that we probably need another half-case of bubbly, but we're slowly gathering all the necessary supplies for a wedding.

Yesterday, we also took part in jason_brez's Delta Green-esque adventure. Unfortunately, we had to stop halfway through... just when some forbidden blasphemy was on the lam, terrorizing La Jolla.
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