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Meme Sheepage

By limitedbythesky

Peppermint Zanzibar Stats

Formed: 29th June 2005
Split: 24th January 2011
Best Album: 'Censored Carafe Frostier' 7/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Aviatrix Spacious Goopiest Neologic Florence' 7/10 in the NME
Records Sold: 401,886 in total (190,193 albums, 211,693 singles).
Reputation: Regional
Groupies: danharms has been arrested on around 24 different occasions for stalking dark_of_night. dark_of_night is now on the verge of a mental breakdown.
Other'Nonrated Exequies Dolt Gleam' was unaminously voted Worst Single in the 2008 NME awards.

Peppermint Zanzibar Member Profiles


toren_atkinson suffered a prolonged attack at the hands of a group of elderly women, who treated the Peppermint Zanzibar singer to a few well placed kicks to the groin. It is safe to say that toren_atkinson is becoming more of a public hate figure than Hussein ever was.


During live performances by the Peppermint Zanzibar, the sound engineer has to turn mayxbo5 down below the backing vocals to stop the group as a whole from surrounding overly horrendous.

Constantly out of tune and rhythm, mersh is definitely a candidate for 'Best Two Fingered Bassist' in
the music industry.

dark_of_night's beats are as regular as a teenage girl with a limescale coated washing machine drum for a womb.

essentialsaltes posesses the unique ability to detune pianos by simply looking at them.

Single Releases

# Title Date
23 Stirrups Stimes Chooser Plimsols Sep 2005
23 Baulk Burkite Bilgy Optics Padshah Nov 2005
18 Evasive Dec 2005
14 Meiotic Parody Diapiric Baccarat Feb 2006
7 Nose Deers Protean Jun 2007
14 Nonrated Exequies Dolt Gleam Aug 2007
63 Luck Bindweed Sep 2007
80 Risking Tryingly Oct 2007
29 Oleum Burseed Ambsaces Bads Scotches Apr 2009
23 Venatic Coital Skillful Accruals Unsubtle Jun 2009
18 Aviatrix Spacious Goopiest Neologic Florence Sep 2009

Album Releases

# Title Date
28 Censored Carafe Frostier Jun 2005
14 Ancients Mysids Caseload Playroom Apr 2007
74 Valgus Pelting Weensier Doglike Feb 2009

northern ireland's worst


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