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Sunday was our kinder, gentler 3rd of July BBQ, though it didn't seem all that kind and gentle. I guess the true measure was the amount of clean-up afterwards, which was far less onerous and resulted in far less volume than last time. I don't remember much apart from being burned alive by the molten fat running off the burgers and explosively combusting when it touched the coals. Combined with the gargantuan amount of fireworks that was set off in fireworks-friendly (if not flame-retardant) Inglewood, I felt like a five-pack-a-day smoker by the end of it.
Aaron put a lot of effort into scoring the fireworks display, having brought two CD's of music to go explody by. A perfectly choreographed orgy of combustion, I must say. I jumped through two fountains, so I expect to be fertile and bear twins in the coming year.
After cleaning up on Monday, we went off to the Scanlin's party & chatted with those we had and hadn't seen on Sunday. Their place has a magnificent deck with a great view of the city, though the icky fog/smog was marring it a bit. We saw a few tentative fireworks across the city, but it was getting unseasonably cold out there, so we headed back to our place, where we could bundle up against the frigid Southern California July weather before enjoying the illegal fireworks set off by our various neighbors near and far. As with last year, some of them were pretty damn impressive.
Best moment: my snugglebunny is sitting in my lap in the backyard and there's a tremendous (and relatively close) thunderclap explosion. It's immediately followed by a thin, wailing, descending cry. I murmur "Somebody lost a finger" in Becca's ear and we both chortle with merriment. It was a Gomez and Morticia moment.
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