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Zhing-Zhong and Maxicon 5

Never let it be said that Zimbabwe has never done anything for you. Zimbabweans have coined the term "zhing-zhong": a derogatory term for cheap Chinese products that have replaced more expensive but better-made products in local markets. Does this not accurately describe many of the products sold at Wal-Mart (and just about everywhere else, nowadays)? I'm glad I now have a catchy neologism to attach to this growing problem. I helped spread santorum, so now I'll do the same for zhing-zhong.

PopePat has graciously offered to open his home to Maxicon 5 over Labor Day Weekend. 3 days of card-, board-, video- and role-playing game madness. If some of youse non-Enigmans want to go, let me know, and I'll see to it that you're officially invited. As a reward for Pat's generosity, I asked him to come up with a title for the RPG I'd run. The result?

"Night Shift — What Happens in Disneyland Between Midnight and 6 AM Stays In Disneyland"

That maybe a bit more specific than I expected, but really... how can you adequately repay someone for hosting a Maxicon?

I also have another idea for Maxicon... an idea perhaps too extreme to set down in black and white... an idea born of madness... an idea known as... Live Katamari Damacy

No promises, but I'm giving it some thought.
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