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X-Treme Animal Activists: Retards and Thugs

In my UK debrief, I forgot to mention one quick moment that happened along the drive to Southampton. There was a nearby railway bridge that had been painted with ten foot tall letters spelling out "Vivisection is Murder," or something quite similar. If only these groups restricted their activities to graffiti, I might not detest them quite so much.
But their more destructive activities have resulted in a long litany of stupidities, from 'liberating' diseased and infectious animals to trashing the office of a researcher working on mad-cow disease. A couple recent news items have moved my simmering anger to the front-burner (to mangle some metaphors).
In New Zealand, the typical 'liberation' of diseased animals from a veterinary school took place. The dogs suffer from mucopolysaccharidosis, a fatal, incurable genetic disorder that also affects children. "Without expert treatment, the infected dogs will waste away and die fairly quickly."
In the UK, animal rights activists have convinced a guinea pig farm to shut down. Their persuasive tactic? Stealing the owner's dead relative's remains.
And then there's always firebombs and arson.

Don't like abortions? Don't have one!
Don't like animal experimentation? Confine yourself to aspirin, homeopathy, yogic breathing and prayer for all future illnesses during the remaining years of your drastically shortened life.
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