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Whirlwind Weekend

Furious activity all weekend long, it seemed. Partially instigated by ants, who have located more tiny cracks and holes in our ancient house than I can believe. They have fiendishly come up with back-up plan after back-up plan. Earlier this summer, we had sort of a detente in place with the ants, but it seems that the cold war is hotting up.
Saturday morning, we poked around a bit in the area near the Culver Hotel, where many family members will be staying for the wedding. Had lunch at a nice French cafe near the Washington Building. Saturday evening featured duelling birthday parties: with ladyeuthanasia (Happy Birthday!) getting the short end of the stick as far as our presence was concerned. But it looks like she had a great time even without our illlustrious selves. We ventured into the wilds of Outer Arcadia for margaritas and karaoke chez McInnis. I even caught a glimpse or two of the increasingly mythical Cheryl.
Sunday was full of more ants and chores, followed by dinner at San Gennaro, which is unwittingly vying for catering duties at the wedding. The food was good, but not as good as what we had last weekend at Antica Pizzeria. Unfortunately, Antica seems reluctant to offer catering info.
Later, we went to the Tut exhibit at LACMA. Although the exhibit has been (rightly) badmouthed for being expensive and having only a limited selection of pieces from Tut's tomb, it was still very worth while. Some of the more interesting things were from Akhenaton's reign, including this piece, demonstrating Akhenaton's wacky new sun-disk religion. There's also a nice bust with the exaggerated features that demonstrate his divinity.
From Tut's tomb, there's plenty of really beautiful crafted items. But the old boy himself and his sarcophagus, are still back in Cairo. Nevertheless, they had some nice animated displays that showed the elaborate Russian-doll layers of his sarcophagi.
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