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Quick Incoherent Update

Went to the Fang Club Reunion Friday night. Plenty of goth-y goodness, but there was some element missing, I don't know what. We took Ray with us, and bumped into Deb and Kevin there. The music was more traditionally goth, meaning that it was generally sucky for dancing. I saw a few people I knew vaguely from Antiquity and Noire, but I know them so vaguely I didn't feel comfortable greeting them as old friends. Perhaps I should just live under a rock, with only a handpuppet for company.
Saturday, we went on a quest for a birthday present for Aaron. Our first and second plans fell by the wayside, but our aleatoric alternative turned out nicely. We found a shirt with a wide panel of velcro on the front, and it came with an entire scrabble assortment of letters painted onto velcro so you can stick them on the shirt and say what you want. Not content with the mere alphabet, we bought some more velcro and made a few more squares with eldritch symbols and photos. Aaron says the picture of him has to go, but I think on the whole it was an artistic triumph.
Aaron's dinner was at La Serenata de Garibaldi on 4th street. Decent margaritas and an excellent mole sauce. It has not displaced Lula's in my affection, but it was a grand meal, with dozens of Aaron aficianadoes present to wish him a happy 32nd.t
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