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Our impromtpu private gaming con was a great deal of fun this weekend. I started off Saturday in Richard Runs Whatever the Hell He Wants, which turned out to be a strange combination of nanotech and piracy. We fought everyone in our way and managed to escape the planet, which basically dooms the next planet we land on, since we're carrying oodles of haywire nanobots. I've always wanted to be a plague ship.

Then I loafed around a bit and failed to get a poker game going, though I did manage to teach Chun how to play poker. I know a game started up later, so I probably set Chun up to lose his money without getting any myself. Rats.

Obeying Pat's demand that everyone learn a new game, I sat down and played some Medal of Honor with some ten-year-olds. They thought it was pretty funny... for a little while. Then I got better, though I wish I had figured out how to invert the camera control.

But then I had to go run 'Night Shift: What Happens at Disneyland After Dark'. From Snow White on all fours to gunbattles on the Matterhorn, I had a great time throwing weird things at the players. And Pat (who got to choose the theme of the game) I think, particularly enjoyed messing Disneyland up.

As I hung about for Becca's game (which seemed to go really well) to end, I played a fair amount of Apples to Apples. Best match ever was given by Dave Milano. We were looking for things that were both Quiet and Smelly.
Sexy is "The Dump"
Sexier is "Toes"
Sexiest is "Going to Grandma's"

Drove home and came back Sunday for Aaron's Cthulhu game. I played the muscle for the detective agency. I liked the set-up and background, but the dice abandoned me to an evil fate, curse them. You can't subtract 79 sanity points when you only have 35. I was already pretty sleep-deprived, so when my marbles went agley, I hit the freeway to come home. Got in at 4:30AM and hit the sack.

After a bit of sleep, Becca and I attempted some shower repair with some waterproof tub grout. I declare the problem solved, because if it isn't, the solution is going to cost a lot more than a $5 tube of grout. But I suppose we'll have to check for reals.

Lazed through the rest of the day and BBQ'ed up some sausage and veggies with some nice white wine.

Today is Becca's first teaching day at... let's call it Tartan High. Fairly short schedule today, so hopefully she'll be easing into things.

And now, for your patience, a hairy, pink pussy.
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