No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

All Hail Waterproof Caulk!

The caulk seems to have done the trick. All bow before the miracle substance of home repair!

Sunday, Mom and the step-dad were going to come over for lunch, so Rebecca and I spent most of Saturday cleaning the house inside and out. Then, step-dad's temperamental innards started playing tricks on him, so Mom suggested that we come out to visit them. No big loss -- if nothing else, we get to live in a relatively clean house (for a week or so, anyway).
Then we get the call that step-dad's guts are not just mischievous, but actively malicious. So lunch was cancelled altogether since she took him into the hospital. He seems to be responding well to treatment & surgery probably won't be needed.

Anyway, that allowed me to spend September 11th honoring America with football and beer. Rebecca also made some salsa using one of the habaneros growing in our backyard. It was hot, but I manfully laughed at its Scoville units.
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