No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Not as think as you drunk I am

Aaron's Bday dinner was great. We bit the bullet of sitting at the end of the mile-long table, but it did give us the opportunity to spit on the people on the floor below us. Aaron enjoyed the present we got him, and I certainly enjoyed the mole sauce in my entree. We didn't hang out for magic tricks, but we had a pretty magical time nonetheless. Skipping to today...
Went jogging at Dockweiler this morning. Good way to start the day.
Then a little shopping, and then a trip to see X2. I must confess I was underwhelmed. The first action sequence with Nightcrawler was by far the best in the film; the rest didn't live up to it by a long sight. Jean wandering out of the plane at the end was a total non sequitor, and the only purpose it served was to justify the arrival of dark phoenix in X3.
I feel really bad for the dude who's Rogue's boyfriend. The pain of not being able to boink Anna Paquin must be unbearable. Particularly if you're an 18 year old guy.
Some people yacked and yacked through the film, but Rebecca gave them a piece of her mind.
After that we came home, fired up the grill and enjoyed some tasty sirloin. Of course, I've also imbibed two cocktails and the better part of a bottle of wine, thus explaining the subject of this little missive. I am, in fact, toasted to the eyeballs.
Watched "On the Waterfront"... who knew that Brando and Malden could actually ACT? Good stuff.

In other news, my latest passel of Ebay auctions brought in about $235. Sweet! Now I just need to collect $ and spend lots of time at the post office.
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