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Two interesting angles in one interesting article

Angle #1: Are they poor because they are bad with money, or bad with money because they are poor?

Katrina refugees use their $2,000 debit cards on strip clubs and $800 Louis Vuitton handbags.

Another viewer reported spotting a survivor buying "over $700 in high heel shoes and purses" at a Memphis department store "while (her) younger children, most of them looked under the age of 3, looked like they haven't showered in weeks."

Angle #2: FEMA gave out 10,500 cards, with a total value of $20.6 million.

Two days later, FEMA scrapped the program after distributing the cards at shelters in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, where many of the evacuees were moved. FEMA said then that no cards will be issued to victims in other states.

I.e., this has been a $20.6 million donation to Texas businesses. If you relocated to Houston, you got several lap dances. If you relocated to Baton Rouge, you just got fucked.
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