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Yesterday at work, the UPS guy came with a handtruck brimming with packages. All for me! Well, okay and the fiancee, too. It was a big batch o' coincidentally arriving wedding prezzies. It seems our family and friends know us well, since the collection of loot included 15 knives. I think that, instead of a cake cutting, maybe we'll have a knife-throwing exhibition. We also scored a blender, despite not having one on the amazon registry. They are apparently inescapable. I think Craig and Jaime got 3. To be fair though, our current one could be put out to pasture since part of the base was long ago melted in a freakish radiation accident.
But Rebecca was most excited by the big-ass silver bowl. It's a good thing she likes looking at it, because there's nowhere to store it. Don't get me wrong -- I dig it, too.

In other news....

Quarterback goes 4 for 5, with 3 touchdowns? Eh... pretty good... for a girl.

A brilliant statue Down Under.

Not that any one really deserves to be eaten by bears, but...
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