No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Dinner with Steve

Last night, Rebecca and I met up with an old friend -- Steve V. We hadn't seen him in a while, but when we got together it was pretty much just like old times. We missed his engagement party some months ago, and this was the first time we'd met Steve's fiancé, Brian, who's a total gas.
They have a really cool little 1920's vintage courtyard apartment. Steve prepared an excellent meal, and I was happy I could provide some wine from our last Santa Barbara trip to accent the meal successfully.
Anyway, it was great to tell Brian stories of Steve from years gone by. Apparently, Steve hadn't come out as a science fiction geek & a lot of this was news to Brian. I may have talked them into Miskatonic U -- Brian sounded keen on trying out improv acting (which sounds better than live role-playing).
It was also good to hear about them, and how they met across a crowded room.
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