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We got a new phone system installed at work. The guy who did the hardware install reminded me of a cross between the Harry Dean Stanton character from Alien and Mr. O'Reilly, the hapless and shifty builder from Fawlty Towers. Virtually all he did was mutter and sigh, performing actual work with the utmost reluctance. He would open a box of hardware and sigh that it didn't contain what he expected. He would mutter about the people who placed him in this terrible situation. He would sigh at the very thought of the work he might ultimately have to do at some indefinite point in the future. Then he would open the next box and go through the same routine. I found it hilarious and fascinating in a slow train-wreck sort of way.

And now, via AIR, I bring you a strangely compelling pseudo-haiku photo caption. Try reciting it in as profound a voice as you can manage:

This is Sonya Thomas.
She can eat 43 soft tacos in 11 minutes.
She is currently single.
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