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Finished reading Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. A Spanish bestseller about books? I figured it would be a good way to top off my recent rereading of Borges. It was enjoyable, but doesn't hold a candle to Arturo Perez-Reverte's Club Dumas, much less Borges.
One of the novel's conceits, that the story of the protagonist eerily mirrors the story of the author of a rare book he discovers, allows for some interesting literary effects where one life foreshadows the other. But the protagonist is much less interesting than the world he inhabits and many characters behave somewhat outlandishly just to make the stakes of the story high enough. Good, but probably not good enough to inspire a film adaptation starring Johnny Depp.

At the Rose Bowl flea market, a twenty-legged Enigmoeba flowed slowly through the stalls. It was a neat experience and I'm glad people enjoyed it. I came out of it with a plastic tub full of old D&D stuff, mainly Dragon magazines from the early 80's. I'll save B2 for Pat, if he wants it, but the rest of it is all gonna find its way onto ebay, where I should be able to squeeze out a little profit.

Yesterday morning, as I drove to work, a skeezy-looking dude came out of a hair-salon and walked around to the side parking lot, which is little more than a narrow alley. There, a guy had just pulled up and was facing his car, bent over to pick some things out of the driver's seat. The skeezy guy suddenly put on some speed and rushed at this guy's back. I was prepared to see a mugging take place or something, but skeezy guy just dug his fingers into the guy's ribs, causing the guy to jump about three feet into the air. I guess he's ticklish and Skeezix knew it. It was pretty funny.
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