May 17th, 2003


Puro kagaguhan ka!

My Dear
I got your contact address through internet browsing in my search for a reliable and trust worthy person who will assist me in a business investment venture in your country I am MRS. CEDIA Y. ESTRADA the wife of MR.JOSEPH ESTRADA the former president of the Philippines located in South east Asia... I am willing to give you 30%...

Stupid Philipinigerian Scamspam!

Grr... last night was a session of Richard's Vampire LARP. I wasn't too inspired. For a while I pretended to be asleep, so I could surprise someone if they tried anything. But no one bothered me, and pretty soon, I was really sleepy. Yawn.

This morning, Rebecca and I went out to Chinatown and wandered about. Lots of odd things... I think the most amusing thing I saw was the DVD of Matrix Reloaded. Though the deer tendons, giant dried mushrooms, and tank of edible frogs were also remarkable. Ate lunch at a great restaurant -- a meal of all appetizers: meat skewers, dumplings and the best damn spring rolls I've had in ages. Wash it down with some Tsingtao, and you get a happy Mike. Now I'm gonna go focus on writing that crappy adventure for next weekend's Maxicon.