May 22nd, 2003


Oh my lack of god....

Hypnotically encased iMacs trick unsuspecting computer users into accepting Darwinism

Atheists are often very grumpy and bitter and will lash out at children or they may even try to trick you into neglecting God's Word.

"Dinosaurs still walk on the land and swim in the seas! And the Earth is only 10,000 years old! Incredible but TRUE!"

It's so bad, bad, bad that it reeks of parody, yet I'm afraid it is all too sincere. Look at their section on Halloween. If you got candy that had its wrapper taken off and Bible verses written on it, would you eat it?

Yes, yes, I am just grumpy and bitter, and you probably shouldn't talk to me, or I might infect you with atheism.

On further thought, I think it is almost certainly a joke site. But it's a damn fine one. I applaud their bizarre and obsessive efforts.