June 20th, 2003


journaled out

Writing up the Europe trip has sucked my will to write.
But here's a quick update:

The cat has nearly returned to normal. For the first three days or so after our return, she spent 100% of her time within 5 feet of Rebecca, making sure she didn't slip away again for 10 days.

Rebecca has shaved her head down to about a half-inch length all over. Fuzz-zz-zzy.

There are now a whopping four characters for Miskatonic University. If I don't get two a day from now until the deadline (July 1), I'm pulling the plug.

My personal astrologer says I'm a Virgo with Libra rising. Does this mean I will win the lottery?

Bought three used DVD's: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Dead Again and UHF.