June 27th, 2003


Fine lunch

Since I was in a 'carpe diem' mood, I went to El Tarasco for lunch. I've been meaning to go back there now that they have a liquor license. So I ordered a large draft XX, which came in a mug approximately the same size as 'Ein Mass'. That, accompanied by some chicken enchiladas, made for a great meal. The salsa there is also excellent. I nearly ate too much to fit all that beer in, but don't worry, I managed to get it all down. Don't worry #2, it's within walking distance of work.
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Not the first time...

...but it never ceases to amaze:

Guy on his cellphone, sitting on the crapper. He seemed to be talking to his upset girlfriend/wife. It was all in Chinese, so I don't have any juicy details to report. I tried to tinkle as quietly as possible in order to give him his privacy.