July 28th, 2003


I'd rather jump around and make rock poses

Saw 28 Days Later. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but not as much as Pirates. It was shot on DV, and really, really looks it. Dark shapes in front of light backgrounds have glowing haloes. In the wide-open shots of grey London, our hero is a pulsating blue blob that would embarrass a Colecovision game designer. My other technical beef is that the attack shots are so jumpy and frenetic that they might as well be showing static, or a test pattern.
Apart from that the characters, acting and story were all quite good. Or at least far better than one expects of a ‘zombie’ film. There are a few things that strained my credulity. The ‘alternate’ ending (which, I imagine was the original ending until it passed through a few test screenings) is much more true to the zombie genre, and a more fitting ending to the story, I think. The theatrical ending isn’t horrendously awful, though. It works.
If ever zombies arise, I want Ash on my left and Selena on my right. Why are there no bad-ass pictures of Selena on the web?

Heslin-y fun in Hawaii: