July 30th, 2003


You hate me.... You really really hate me...

Interesting stuff from a big new poll

"As has been true in previous years, Muslims are less popular than people of other religious faiths but more popular than atheists. Muslim-Americans and Muslims are seen less favorably than Jews (72% favorable), Protestants (70%), and Catholics (69%), and slightly below evangelical Christians (58% favorable, 18% unfavorable). "People who aren't religious" receive favorable ratings similar to Muslims (50%), but the public has a more unfavorable view of the non-religious (33% unfavorable). Majorities of the public continue to give atheists an unfavorable rating: 52%, compared with 34% favorable."

Americans are also more likely to vote for a Muslim than an atheist. Asked whether they had reasons not to vote for a candidate with a particular religion, 14% said they wouldn't vote for a Jew, 15% wouldn't vote for a Catholic, 20% wouldn't vote for an evangelical, 31% wouldn't vote for a Muslim, and 41% would not vote for an atheist.